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My name is Pascal Basel and I’m originally from Germany. I already started making my first videos in my teenage years when I got my first camera to film myself and friends riding our skateboards. That was an important time as it taught me a lot about cutting to music and adding effects.

So I joined a video course at my school where I finished second place at a short film competition. But as I didn’t really learn anything there and instead just used the skills I got in my free time, I never even thought about going to film school.

Instead, I made the mistake and got a job education as a carpenter what let me work in a factory for 5 years. Fortunately, I read about digital nomadism, which completely changed my mind about jobs and business. So I started my first online projects and my first YouTube channel (about playing professional paintball, my favorite sport at this time). That let me to my first commercial shoots locally but also for Mario T., a pretty famous fitness YouTuber.

I also started traveling the world and freelanced as a web designer to do so. While doing that, I also started a new travel video channel. But as I knew that I won’t travel forever, I decided to focus on travel filmmaking instead of pure travel videos.

Filmmaking is not just a hobby or a passion, it enriches my life with beautiful moments!

I actually like that a lot more as the camera is really what makes me go out and explore the world. I experienced so many great sunrises and have seen so incredible things because of my passion for filmmaking, that I want others to do the same. It’s not just a hobby or a passion, it really enriches my life with beautiful moments!

That was a very important decision as it let me produce travel videos, what I really love and it allowed me to include educational content into my videos.

I also got new video projects in the travel industry with brands like Backpacking Tours and Oasis Spa. That was a lot of fun and I finally decided to do video fulltime.

 So if you’re interested in a collaboration, hit me up. You can use my contact form on the contact page:



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