I am not a full-time traveler, so I prefer to record memories during my trips with a GoPro. I have been also following Pascal’s channels for a while, so I was very excited when this course was released.
I personally enjoyed the lessons about camera movements, shooting and editing transitions and how to put the recorded clips together to get a nice and engaging story at the end of the day.
It is amazing that this is a one-time payment but Pascal will keep the course and the lessons be updated I also like that it is an interactive platform as anyone can ask questions and everyone will see the answers later on under each section.

This course is called a GoPro masterclass but I think this is definitely more. This is a travel video masterclass since most of the contents are independent of GoPro and can be applied for other cameras as well. The value you can get with this course absolutely worth all the money. I strongly recommend everybody who wants to become a better travel filmmaker and to produce more cinematic travel videos.”

– Csaba C.