“I’ve recently completed the Pascal’s Cinematic GoPro MasterClass.
What I like about the course, it breaks down into bite size pieces.
Learnt a lot from it. I owned a GoPro Hero 8 for almost a year but did not really go and play with it until I came across Pascal course. It looks interesting and decided to check out the course.
There is one thing that caught my attention is the TimeWarp.

I have fun shooting with TimeWarp using my GoPro and it looks pretty interesting.
Because Pascal is using Final Cut pro, but the overall ideas and how to editing is the same. So, I’ll need to explore in Adobe Premier Pro. Maybe I will be getting myself an Ipad Pro! Hahaha!
Thank you Pascal for the prompt reply whenever reaching out to you.
I’ll be moving to my next course which is LWP.
I’ve made an order of M6 Mark II and I hope that I don’t make the wrong decision to get that camera.”

– Stella C.