Cinematic GoPro Masterclass

LWP Practical Videography Course

Cinematic GoPro Masterclass

Learn to create cinematic GoPro videos that people want to watch!

In this course, I teach you all the secrets and techniques that I use in my YouTube and commercial GoPro videos. So you can do the same.

Learn to create cinematic GoPro videos

You watched dozens if not hundreds of GoPro tutorials…
You tried many things to make your GoPro videos look better…
You bought expensive accessories like ND-filters…

but Your GoPro videos still suck? It’s time to fix it!

My GoPro videos got 2.5M+ views on YouTube, I used GoPro cameras on commercial projects worth over €15.000 and many followers ask me how I shoot my GoPro videos after seeing them.

So in this GoPro masterclass, I show you step by step how I get such impressive results with such a small and inexpensive camera.


I wouldn’t call it a secret. I just don’t see GoPros as action cameras

My approach to GoPro cameras is that it’s just a very small mirrorless camera with a super-wide-angle lens. And that’s exactly how I use it. I apply all the experience that I got over 10+ years of shooting video with all kinds of cameras to GoPros. That’s what this course is all about!

In this course, I lead you from accessories (and why you don’t need many – yes save your money!) over settings and shooting cinematic GoPro videos to the final edit and color grading.

That makes it a complete course that will not only make you a better GoPro shooter, but also a better videographer in general!

Learn to make videos like this:
LWP Practical Videography Course
LWP Practical Videography Course
LWP Practical Videography Course

What is included?

Total course content

6 hrs+

Number of Modules

7 Modules

Number of Videos

37+ Video Lessons

Future Updates

I update the course based on user input

Lifetime Access

You only pay once and access forever


This is course is suitable for beginners and intermediates

The Modules

#1 Accessoires

Depending on the shots you want to get, you might need some accessories for your GoPro camera. That’s what this module is all about. It will also save you some money in case you want to get ND-filters. But more about that in the course…

#2 GoPro Settings

Depending on the shots you want to get, you might need some accessories for your GoPro camera. That’s what this module is all about. It will also save you some money in case you want to get ND-filters. But more about that in the course…Setting your GoPro up correctly is very important to ensure cinematic results. In this module, we’re going through all my settings for video, time-lapses, timewarp, and pre-set profiles. Make your GoPro a cine-cam!

#3 Video Shooting

I approach GoPros from a different perspective. I don’t see GoPros as action cams but more as small mirrorless cameras with a wide-angle lens. So you basically have to use the GoPro like such a camera to get cinematic results. In this module I show you how.

#4 How to shoot transitions

Fancy transitions look great and they keep the viewer engaged. But to make your transitions actually look cinematic, you already have to shoot your videos with transitions in mind. So in this module, I teach you how to shoot for different transitions. Your transitions will look better and be easier to edit!

#5 Hyperlapses (Timewarp) & Timelapses

Time- & Hyperlapses make videos very interesting to watch. They are also a great tool for storytelling as it shows time passing by or give a great transition from one place to the other. GoPro makes it very easy for us to shoot both and in this module I show you exactly how to archive the best results.

#6 Vlogging & Getting Shots of Yourself

GoPros are actually great vlogging cameras, even without an external microphone. They make it very easy to tell a story by shooting videos of yourself. Of course, you want your vlogs to look professional. So in this module I will show you all of my techniques to get cinematic results when shooting yourself.

#7 GoPro Video Editing

If you’ve seen my videos, you must have noticed that I do a lot of editing work. Video editing is absolutely necessary to get cinematic results. In the course, you will learn exactly how I edit my videos, add special effects and do color grading.

Your Instructor

Pascal is a world traveler and video creator, originally from Germany, currently based in Thailand.

When he started creating videos, it was quite hard as quality gear was very expensive or not existent.

Today the problem is no longer the gear, but finding the right one and learning how to use it properly. So he made it his mission to teach people how to create great looking videos with affordable cameras and gear.

80K+ Followers

6M+ Video Views

350+ videos created

Brands I worked with:


Is this course suitable for beginners?

Yes, I made this course for beginners.

If you already know a bit more about video shooting but you’re not satisfied with the results, this course can also help you to improve.

What GoPro models do you recommend for this course?

I recommend all GoPros from Hero 7 till Hero 10. There are only minor differences between them and I add updates to the course fro major changes.

Which video editor do you use?

I use Final Cut Pro and so my editing and color grading courses are done in Final Cut Pro.

You can download a free 90day trial of Final Cut Pro here:

However, the tools, and techniques that I use also work with DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Premiere. You just find the tools in different places.

I recommend Final Cut tough as it’s by far the best performing editor and offers the fastest workflow for video creators. Time is money 😉

How is the payment handled?

The payment is handled by Teachable. You will be redirected to their website where you can pay via credit card and PayPal. After that, you will get an email with access to the course. It’s a one-time payment, no future fees.

What is "Learn with Pascal?"

“Learn with Pascal” is my collection of videography courses. If you read LWP, this course belongs to this collection. You can either purchase these courses individually or as a whole package for a greatly reduced price.

You will find the package and all courses here: “Learn with Pascal”

How can I view the course?

After the payment you will receive your login via email within a few minutes. With that you can access the course at any time via the course website on Teachable.

It works on all devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone) and you can also access it via the Teachable app, where you can download the lessons inside the app for offline viewing (not copying of course).

Is it a one-time payment?

Yes, you only have to pay once and you can access the course forever.

Do you offer refunds?

As it’s a digital product and you can see what you’ll learn prior to making the payment, I don’t offer any refunds. Otherwise you could watch it and then refund, what is out of my control 😉

However, if anything doesn’t work properly, feel free to write me an email at and I will fix it asap.

PS.: If you don’t understand something or something is missing, please also send me an email and I will help you and extend the course asap if needed. Quality content and actually helping others in my highest priority.

I have more questions, how can I reach you?

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me via the form on the contact page or write me an email at

What Members say

Slide 1

“I’ve recently completed the Pascal’s Cinematic GoPro MasterClass.
What I like about the course, it breaks down into bite size pieces.
Learnt a lot from it. I owned a GoPro Hero 8 for almost a year but did not really go and play with it until I came across Pascal course. It looks interesting and decided to check out the course.
There is one thing that caught my attention is the TimeWarp.

I have fun shooting with TimeWarp using my GoPro and it looks pretty interesting.
Because Pascal is using Final Cut pro, but the overall ideas and how to editing is the same. So, I’ll need to explore in Adobe Premier Pro. Maybe I will be getting myself an Ipad Pro! Hahaha!
Thank you Pascal for the prompt reply whenever reaching out to you.
I’ll be moving to my next course which is LWP.
I’ve made an order of M6 Mark II and I hope that I don’t make the wrong decision to get that camera.”

– Stella C.

Slide 1

I am not a full-time traveler, so I prefer to record memories during my trips with a GoPro. I have been also following Pascal’s channels for a while, so I was very excited when this course was released.
I personally enjoyed the lessons about camera movements, shooting and editing transitions and how to put the recorded clips together to get a nice and engaging story at the end of the day.
It is amazing that this is a one-time payment but Pascal will keep the course and the lessons be updated I also like that it is an interactive platform as anyone can ask questions and everyone will see the answers later on under each section.

This course is called a GoPro masterclass but I think this is definitely more. This is a travel video masterclass since most of the contents are independent of GoPro and can be applied for other cameras as well. The value you can get with this course absolutely worth all the money. I strongly recommend everybody who wants to become a better travel filmmaker and to produce more cinematic travel videos.”

– Csaba C.

Slide 1

“I’m really happy to find your videos on youtube and attended your masterclass. I just have a hero 8 for a month, and only made some footage on my motorcycle, I had no further experience on making videos or how to edit them, and your masterclass was very well organized and understandable. I absolutely recommend your course to everyone who wants to make quality travel videos or wants to learn about filmmaking at all. It is absolutely worth the price! Now I am practicing your instructions at home due to the coronavirus. I am really looking forward to your upcoming videos. Keep going and stay healthy :)”

– Miklós H.

Slide 1

“Pascal is what I consider to be a GoPro guru. Using his GoPros, he has filmed some amazing things before and his tutorials are some of the best. The course is inexpensive and totally worth every bit. It doesn’t matter if you just bought your first GoPro or have been using one for years, he will teach you everything you need to know to get the most out of yours! His course doesn’t stop at only action cameras either but can be applied to any camera to make you a better film maker. His sections on Transitions and Video Editing were very helpful for me as I am just starting out myself.”

– Robbie T.

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Leon S.

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Pascal Basel

“If you’ve learned something or got inspiration from my YouTube tutorials, I’m sure that my courses will greatly benefit you.

I know from experience that it feels hard to invest in educational products instead of new camera gear. But one big reason of my success is that I constantly try to learn something new.

So by signing up for this course, you invest in something much more important than camera gear, which is YOU!”