Free Cinematic LUTs

The LUTs for an easy cinematic look

Get three beautiful, cinematic looks for free. The looks are carefully designed for different use cases. So you can adjust the look depending on the shot.

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Just drag the sliders to the left and right to see what which LUT makes out of the image. The left side is always the original image and the right side the lutted version. If you hover over a slider it shows the LUT name.

Compatible With

Final Cut Pro X

Adobe Premiere

DaVinci Resolve


The LUTs

Just a little overview of the use cases of each LUT.


I designed this LUT for shots with water. It gives the water a darker blue touch, that is pretty close to teal. As a complementary color for other parts of the image, it makes orange tones nearly red. Green tones are warm and not that noticeable.

// Use this LUT for sunrise and sunset situations at the water when green tones are not important.

TANGE green

This is one of my most used LUTs. It’s from my TANGE LUT Pack and you can see its look in a lot of my videos. It is an orange and teal LUT. So it has a strong color contrast. Therefore it’s suitable for a lot of shots.

// You can use this LUT in a lot of different kinds of footage. However, it’s not recommended if green tones are important.


This LUT pushes the colors into the teal and red tones – yes I love complementary colors… It also desaturates your colors quite a bit and is not too contrasty. So this is a great LUT if you prefer a more muted look.

// Try it for shots against the sun where colors are generally less present.

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