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Pascal Basel

Filmmaker, Drone Pilot, Fulltime Traveler

Why do you need a video?

No one wants to read long texts on the internet. Images restrict, as they only provide limited space. Audios can easily be overseen…

Because of that, video becomes more and more important. People love to watch videos. It’s convenient, entertaining and easy to understand. Especially if you’re a service based business it can help a lot to get customers if you present your service in a video.

When you’re just starting out, it is usually enough to create a basic video by yourself that just presents your product or service. But when it comes to building a real brand, you need high-quality videos.

Why from me?

When most people think of creating commercials or feature films, they think of huge costs and a lot of effort…

Well, we’re living in the 21st century. Today everything becomes smaller and smaller.  Where you needed big camera cranes a few years ago, you can use a much smaller and cheaper drone today… That saves a lot of transport and equipment costs.

As a full-time traveler, I’m used to working as efficient as possible. That makes video production with me easier and more affordable.

YouTube Video

As I live a pretty exciting live, I publish 2 videos per week on my YouTube channel. Check out my latest video here.

Stock Footage made for you

You‘re creating a video for your business by yourself but there is some footage missing? I shoot high-quality videos in 4K resulution nearly every day. You can get some of my clips to finish your project. If you need very specific shots of the country I‘m in right now, I can also create those for you. Just leave me a message for the kind of footage you need.

Learn videography

I learned most of my video skills by myself using YouTube and other platforms. In my video tutorials I give you my best tips about video and drones to make it easy for you to learn it as well.

Follow me

You want to see new parts of our world regularly? Then follow me on my channels. I change my place every 1-3 months. Be part of my travels.