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I’m Pascal, originally a factory worker from Germany. In 2015 I quit my job to travel the world while building an online business.

I always had a passion for filmmaking. Travelling gave me many opportunities to shoot great videos and develop my skills. That lead me to work as a travel videographer for companies in the tourism industry.

As I learned everything I do on YouTube and other online platforms, I also share my knowledge and experience on my YouTube channel.

In 2019 I founded BORDERLESS MEMORIES, a brand dedicated to bring quality videos to travel brands and create job opportunities for people like me. Check

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GoPro Hero8 Low Light Settings

GoPro Hero8 Low Light Settings I never used GoPros as low light cameras. But as many people asked me I tested the GoPro Hero 8 at night and I was actually surprised by the results. The night video footage I got with the GoPro Hero 8 was a lot better than...

Zhiyun WeeBill S Review

Zhiyun WeeBill S Review The WeeBill S is not my first gimbal from Zhiyun's WeeBill series. I already bought the WeeBill Lab directly when it came out. So when Zhiyun sent me the WeeBill S for testing it, I was mostly interested in how it is better...

How to shoot Smooth Handheld B-Roll

How to shoot Smooth Handheld B-Roll Bringing movement into your b-roll shots is important as it makes your travel videos look a lot more professional and cinematic. Of course, you want your movements to be stable. Otherwise, it just looks like you want it but...

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