Osmo Pocket Cine LUTs

Give your Osmo Pocket videos the look they deserve!

With this LUT pack, you get 15 cinematic looks for video footage shot on the Osmo Pocket using the Cinelike color profile.

Additionally you get one standard LUT, that converts the Cinelike color profile to normal colors for a quick and natural grade.

only $19.99 $24.99

Try IT

Just drag the sliders to the left and right to see what which LUT makes out of the image. The left side is always the original image and the right side the lutted version. If you hover over a slider it shows the LUT name.

Compatible With

Final Cut Pro X

Adobe Premiere

DaVinci Resolve


About the LUTs

The LUTs are carefully created to match the DJI Osmo Pocket as good as possible. Under normal use cases, they shouldn’t break your footage. It’s important that you set your Osmo Pocket to the Cinelike profile. If you set it to Normal the footage might be oversaturated and too contrasty!

You’ll find mostly modern high-contrast looks and some orange and teal as well. The non orange and teal LUTs are great to preserve your green tones. For the best results, I recommend using the same look for all clips in one scene of your video. That makes it look more professional instead of if every clip has different colors.

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