What is a LUT?

LUT stands for Look Up Table and it’s basically a file that tells your picture & video editing software how to transform existing colours to the colours you want to have. It’s a bit like an Instagram filter, but better and more flexible.

What is Teal & Orange?

Orange & Teal is a very famous look that you can see in a lot of Hollywood movies. Over the past few years, it also became quite popular in travel videos. The Orange & Teal Look is based on two complementary colors. That gives a nice color contrast and it just looks great.

There are multiple ways to integrate Orange & Teal into your videos. The most common ways are either to push teal in the shadows and orange in the highlights/midtones or to use the channel mixer to push the overall colors of the image into Orange & Teal.


Most Teal & Orange LUTs are oversaturated, look unrealistic and it makes green tones look bad quite often.

TANGE LUTs were made to fix these issues. They are actually desaturating the image a bit, especially in the blue/teal tones, to give it a more cinematic, less amateurish look.

The TANGE GT LUTs also help you preserve beautiful green tones while keeping other colours in the same Orange & Teal Look you used in shots where green tones are less important.

You can choose between cold, warm and hot green tones in every single look. Or you can simply leave the green tones like the choosen look pushes them. So you have a huge flexibility in your final grading.

As the Orange & Teal look can be created using different color channels, which give different looks, TANGE LUTs come in 3 variations: red, green and blue. So you can choose which Orange & Teal Look fits best to your shot.

Compatible with :

Final Cut Pro X

Adobe Premiere

DaVinci Resolve


and every other app that supports LUTs.

What is included ?

The TANGE LUT Pack includes 39 LUTs. Depending on the look you want, you can choose between TANGE red, TANGE green and TANGE blue. In every of the 3 folders are 10 LUTs. One LUT with the basic look and 3 folders with 3 LUTs each to adjust the green tones and add blue into the shadows.


LUT folders :

GT = Green Tones: GTc = cold green tones, GTh = hot green tones, GTw = warm green tones

SH = Shadows: SH high = high amount of blue in the shadows and orange in the highlights, SH low = low amount of blue in the shadows and orange in the highlights, SH = only blue in the shadows but no orange in the highlights

GT SH = GT LUTs with blue/teal in the shadows

Extra folders :

TANGE Combined = combinations of the red, green and blue looks.

TANGE 100 = Very strong, overgraded TANGE looks, if the normal LUTs don’t do the job

EXTRAS = One LUT to apply an S-Curve used in the LUTs to your footage. Can be used to increase contrast even more. And one LUT that pushed blue only in the shadows of you’re footage, but doesn’t do anything else.

IMPORTANT: TANGE LUTs are for the final grade of your videos and photos. You have to do the basic color correction of your footage before you apply the LUTs if you shoot in a flat color profile!

TANGE LUTs Examples

Get TANGE LUTs now!


What you get:

  • 39 high-quality teal & orange LUTs
  • 3 different teal & orange looks
  • green tones adjustable to cold, warm & hot for every look
  • 4 EXTRA LUTs that combine the 3 teal & orange looks
  • 2 MORE LUTs to adjust S-curve and blue shadows individually

only $24.99 $34.99

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