Fuji Outdoor LUTs

Give your Fujifilm F-LOG & ETERNA shots the look they deserve!

30 filmic looks for outdoor video footage shot on Fujifilm cameras like the X-T3, X-T4, X-T30 and X-S10. You will find 60 LUTs with 15 base-looks in two variations for F-LOG & ETERNA film simulations.

$19.99 USD $29.99 USD

LUT variations

The LUT pack comes in 4 variations – F-LOG/ETERNA/F-LOG Faded/ETERNA Faded. It’s the exact same 15 looks in a normal, contrasty version and a faded (lifted shadows) version. These two versions come for F-LOG and ETERNA.

F-LOG to Outdoor 4:

F-LOG to Outdoor 4 Faded:

Outdoor 4 vs Outdoor 4 Faded:

ETERNA to Outdoor 4:

ETERNA to Outdoor 4 Faded:

About the LUTs

The LUTs are carefully created to give the Fujifilm F-LOG & ETERNA film simulations amazing looks while keeping its filmic style. You will find 4 folders in the pack (F-LOG, ETERNA, F-LOG Faded & ETERNA Faded). So depending on if you shot in F-LOG or ETERNA, you can choose the correct LUT. The looks are all the same. So if you have clips in F-LOG and ETERNA, it’s quite easy to match everything. The faded LUTs lift the shadows to give a “faded”, less contrasty look and reveal shadow detail.

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