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I recorded this course in Final Cut Pro X, but the techniques are very similar in editors like DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Premiere Pro. I also show you how to use Color Finale and FilmConvert Nitrate.

LWP Color Grading Course

Learn how to color grade your videos to create cinematic looks.

In this course, I teach you how color works for digital video and how to use all the different tools and scopes to create the looks you want. I also show you my workflow to save you time in the process.


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Using LUTs is not enough… learn color grading!

The colors of your videos never come out as good as you want, even if you use the LUTs of your favourite video creators?
Well, LUTs are great and I use them a lot but they usually need a bit of tweaking to get your videos look right.

That’s why there is no way around actually learning color grading. It allows you to color grade very quickly by using LUTs + making your own tweaks and it also makes it possible to come up with your own looks.

Yes, you can even develop your own LUTs, that perfectly match the footage and color profile of your camera(s). It’s much easier than you think!

In this course I teach you everything you need to know to do so. You learn how digital color works and how you can manipulate it the way you want, how to read scopes, how to use common color grading tools, my whole color grading workflow and more.

I even show you even faster and easier ways to color grade, using tools like Color Finale and FilmConvert Nitrate.

Why should you learn from me?

When I got serious about videography, I saw all the beautifully color graded videos on YouTube and I wanted my videos to look the same.

But it was very hard. I constantly messed it up and spent hours color grading even short videos.

That was mostly the case because I didn’t know how to read scopes and use color grading tools properly. I also didn’t know how the additive color model (which is used on computer screens) works.

By learning all of that, I ended up spending a lot less time color grading, while my videos looked even better. So I’ve been where you’re right now and I’m sure I can help you become a much better colorist quickly.

Who am I?

I’m Pascal, a world traveler and video creator, originally from Germany, currently living in Thailand.

When I started creating videos, it was quite hard as quality gear was very expensive or not existent.

Today the problem is no longer the gear, but the missing of practical knowledge. So I made it my mission to teach people how to create great looking videos with simple and affordable cameras and gear.

65K+ followers

Worked with companies all around the world

5M+ video views

65K+ followers

Worked with companies all around the world

5M+ video views

The Modules

The course consists of 5 modules that ensure you learn color grading step by step.

#1 Studio & Monitor Setup

Our environment defines how our eyes perceive colors. That’s why it’s important to set up the room you color grade in properly and make adjustments to your screen to be able to color grade perfectly. Sounds complicated, but I make it easy for you 😉

#2 Color Grading Tools

In this part I show and explain all the color grading tools and scopes. So you know how everything works and what to do to manipulate color in a certain way.

#3 Understanding Digital Color

The color model used on your screen is called the additive color model. By understanding this model, you know better what’s going on in your scopes and how your tools affect colors. Again, it’s not as complicated as it sounds. So no worries xD

#4 How to Color Grade

In this module we come to the actual color grading process. I show you my workflow and also why it’s slightly different from traditional workflows. You’ll also learn how to create your own LUTs (you need either a photo editor like Photoshop/Affinity Photo or Color Finale for that) and I show you common color grading mistakes and how to avoid them.

#5 Additional Plugins

The plugins mentioned in this module (Color Finale & FilmConvert Nitrate) are not mandatory for color grading. But they can help you a lot to speed up your workflow and create certain looks. So here I go through those plugins and show you how I use them.

Why you should join this course


It saves you a lot of time

If you already watched many tutorials on YouTube, you’ve likely recognized that there is not really a path to follow. It made you better but it’s still a lot of trial and error and you sometimes don’t even know what to look for.

This course will save you a lot of time, watching random videos and researching for what you’re doing wrong!


Work as a freelancer

Especially at times where many people have to stay at home, being able to work as a colorist can be a huge advantage. You can also offer door grading as an additional service to video editing and video production.

This course gives you the skills and knowledge you need to color grade professional videos.


You love your own videos more

Producing videos should make fun. But if you look at your videos after the edit and they just look weird or you have to spent days just for color grading, that’s not fun at all.

By implementing what you learn in this course, you save time and your videos will look a lot better. So you will produce videos that you’re proud of.



Different people have different sticking points in the process of becoming a video creator. That’s why I will keep developing this course in the future based on students input. So you find new content in there over time to further develop your skills.


It can actually make you money

Having bad colors make your videos look amateurish. By doing proper color grades and being able to fix issues like wrong white balance your videos come out a lot more professional what helps to work for clients and create stock footage.

What LWP members say...

"Learn with Pascal really helped take my videography and photography game to the next level. There’s a ton of techniques that I learnt from the course that only comes with years of experience which Pascal has accumulated and shared with us here. The course is easy to follow and full of tips and tricks that do help in real life situation. I would recommend this course to anyone that’s looking to improve their videography skills or even someone who’s a total beginner and wish to learn."

- Kris R. (Full LWP Member)

"My wife and I are dedicated to improving our skills and Pascal's courses have filled some critical gaps in our training. His modules dig deep where necessary, but the content is fun and interesting, in addition to being super easy to follow. Where other courses just scratch the surface across a broad range of modules, Pascal has effectively separated each discipline into affordable individual collections that truly make you a better creator. The content is worth 25x the cost. Can't wait to continue working our way through his library!"

- Phil L. (Full LWP Member)

"This is a very helpful course. Especially the modules for shooting transitions and video editing were very helpful to me. I didn’t realize before, that it can make sense to do panning in every clip you shoot because maybe you can use it later for transitions. It was also very helpful for me how to put clips together, that they fit perfectly together. Even small things with maybe the steps from a person who is walking.
Also the video on how to do speed ramping was very well explained! I had a lot of problems with speed ramping before. But now, I think I understand it better and I am able to use it in my next video."

- Tamara Z. (Full LWP Member)

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Content of the Course

13 Video Tutorials | 4:15 h+

Module #1 - Studio & Monitor Setup
  1. Studio & Monitor Setup
Module #2 - Color Grading Tools
  1. Scopes
  2. Color Grading Tools
  3. HDR Tools
  4. Different kinds of LUTs and how to use them properly
Module #3 - Understanding Color
  1. Understanding Color & Contrast
Module #4 - How to Color Grade
  1. Workflow
  2. Common Color Grading Mistakes
  3. How to create LUTs
Module #5 - Additional Plugins
  1. Color Finale
  2. FilmConvert Nitrate


Is this course suitable for beginners or do you need to have experience?

I made this course for beginners. So it’s perfect for you. If you already know a bit more about color grading but you’re not satisfied with the results, this course can also help you to become even better.

What video editors do you recommend for this course?

I show everything in Final Cut Pro X and also explain how to use the plugins Color Finale & FilmConvert Nitrate (they are not necessary). So it’s definitely best if you use this editor. However, the tools and techniques are the same in other video editors. You can usually learn in the course and do a quick google search to see how it works in the editor of your choice.

I generally recommend using a professional video editor, especially Final Cut Pro X, DaVinci Resolve or Adobe Premiere Pro. Weaker apps like iMovie, Filmora or LumaFusion are not bad either but they don’t have the same functionality.

You can get a free 90 day trial of Final Cut Pro X here: – so you can learn everything from the course without buying Final Cut directly and decide later if you want to buy it or not (that also gives you some time to save the $300 for Final Cut).

How is the payment done?

The payment is handled by Gumroad. You will be redirected to their website where you can pay via credit card and PayPal. After that, you will get an email with access to the course. It’s a one-time payment. No future fees.

How does the guarantee work?

I’m 100% sure that you like the course and that it helps you become a better videographer. That’s why I give you a 14-day guarantee. So if you shouldn’t be satisfied, you can use the email you get from Gumroad to refund your order. No questions asked!

However, if there should be anything missing or you have any questions, you can always use the comment function inside the course and I will answer within 24-48 hours.

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