For cameras from:
Sony, Canon, Fujifilm, Panasonic, Nikon, Olympus
(sensor- or good digital video stabilization recommended!)

LWP Practical Videography Course

Learn how to shoot high-quality videos the practical way.

Within 3 modules I teach you how I shoot professional videos. I take a more practical approach as other courses by giving you drills that you can do every week. This way you become a great video creator quickly.


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Learn to shoot high-quality videos with simple cameras and gear


You want to start shooting videos but don’t know how?
Or you already started but they don’t look good?

Let’s change that!

I always had a passion for videography, but I stayed away from all the complicated stuff, like shooting in manual etc., for a long time. And guess what? My videos looked bad and amateurish.

Of course, I wanted to fix that. So within about half a year I went from a camera-noob with decent editing skills to getting my first $3000 video production job.

That did not come from sitting at home, watching tutorials. I developed these skills by going out and shoot videos as much as I could. And in my Practical Videography Course, I want you to do the same.

So I designed this course in a way that actually makes you shoot more videos. To do so, we work with drills. I developed these drills from my own video production experiences together with traditional photography drills. This way you learn videography extremely fast.

why should you learn from me?

To put it in simple terms: I live what I teach!

I hate carrying around lots of heavy gear, adjusting gimbals all the time and changing filters for every shot etc. But I want my videos to come out great.

So with all those limitations, I found my style of creating videos. This course and my whole “Learn With Pascal” platform is based on that. So if you like my videos and you want to go in a similar direction, this course is for you!

If not, that is totally fine. Many other video creators have courses and they are all great. You should made your decision based on the direction you want to go.

Also oftentimes it makes sense to do courses of multiple creators to find your own style.

Who am I?

I’m Pascal, a world traveler and video creator, originally from Germany, currently living in Thailand.

When I started creating videos, it was quite hard as quality gear was very expensive or not existent.

Today the problem is no longer the gear, but the missing of practical knowledge. So I made it my mission to teach people how to create great looking videos with simple and affordable cameras and gear.

65K+ followers

Worked with companies all around the world

5M+ video views

65K+ followers

Worked with companies all around the world

5M+ video views

The 3 Modules

The course consists of 3 modules that teach you everything step by step in a practical way.

#1 How to shoot Videos Outside

Shooting outdoor can be hard as you mostly have to work with what you get. You can’t control the light, the weather etc. So you have to know what you’re doping to get good results.

So In this module I show you all my outdoor shooting techniques.

  • How do I expose my shots, use natural light and handle white balance?
  • How do I move my camera?
  • How do I shoot in-camera transitions?

These and more are questions I answer in this module.

#2 How to shoot Videos Inside

Shooting indoor gives you much more control over your light and the scene. The hard parts here are to set everything up correctly, position lights, capture good audio etc.

In this module you’ll learn:

  • How to setup lights for different looks
  • How to get correct exposure and white balance with artificial lights
  • How to use window light to save money
  • How to soundproof your room without paying a fortune
  • How different kinds of microphones affect your sound
  • How to use external monitors and recorders

#3 Videography Drills

In this module we’re getting serious. I give you weekly drills. So you can go out, knowing what to do to improve your videography skills.

Every drill consists of two videos. In the first video, I tell you exactly, what to do and how to do it. In the second video I come to a conclusion of the drill, so you experience is the same or you did something wrong.

You get one new drill every week after signing up. This is to ensure you actually do only one drill at a time and don’t binge-watch all of them without actually doing them.

Drills for 12 weeks are ready by the launch of this course. I will add more drills in the future whenever I see a need for it based on your and other members input.


Why you should join this course


It saves you a lot of time

If you already watched many tutorials on YouTube, you’ve likely recognized that there is not really a path to follow. It made you better but it’s still a lot of trial and error and you sometimes don’t even know what to look for.

This course will save you a lot of time, watching random videos and researching for what you’re doing wrong!


You have a path to follow

It’s easy to say “Just go out and shoot videos” to learn videography. But it’s hard to do when you don’t have anything specific to shoot videos of.

By following the weekly drills you always have something to do with your camera. So you shoot more videos and you get better every week, step by step.


Become a professional filmmaker

I know it’s your dream to get paid to create videos. From my experience, that mustn’t take years.

Of course, it requires hard work and taking the necessary steps to come to that level in a short amount of time. This course gives you exactly that.


You learn to produce videos that people watch

You’ve likely already uploaded videos to YouTube but you’re disappointed because they don’t get many views. Well, the competition on YouTube is hard. So you have to deliver high-quality videos in order to get views. The course will help you with that.



Different people have different sticking points in the process of becoming a video creator. That’s why I will keep developing this course in the future based on students input. So you find new content in there over time to further develop your skills.


It can actually make you money

The quality you’ll be able to produce after watching this course and implementing what you learn is good enough to shoot commercial projects and sell your clips as stock footage.

What LWP members say...

"Learn with Pascal really helped take my videography and photography game to the next level. There’s a ton of techniques that I learnt from the course that only comes with years of experience which Pascal has accumulated and shared with us here. The course is easy to follow and full of tips and tricks that do help in real life situation. I would recommend this course to anyone that’s looking to improve their videography skills or even someone who’s a total beginner and wish to learn."

- Kris R. (Full LWP Member)

"My wife and I are dedicated to improving our skills and Pascal's courses have filled some critical gaps in our training. His modules dig deep where necessary, but the content is fun and interesting, in addition to being super easy to follow. Where other courses just scratch the surface across a broad range of modules, Pascal has effectively separated each discipline into affordable individual collections that truly make you a better creator. The content is worth 25x the cost. Can't wait to continue working our way through his library!"

- Phil L. (Full LWP Member)

"This is a very helpful course. Especially the modules for shooting transitions and video editing were very helpful to me. I didn’t realize before, that it can make sense to do panning in every clip you shoot because maybe you can use it later for transitions. It was also very helpful for me how to put clips together, that they fit perfectly together. Even small things with maybe the steps from a person who is walking.
Also the video on how to do speed ramping was very well explained! I had a lot of problems with speed ramping before. But now, I think I understand it better and I am able to use it in my next video."

- Tamara Z. (Full LWP Member)

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You want to learn my full video creation process? Here you go...

The Practical Videography Course is just one of 5 courses of my learning platform and community "Learn With Pascal" (LWP).

Full list of courses:

Additionally, full-access LWP members become part of the private LWP Facebook Group and get all my LUT & transition packs for free!

In the Facebook group you can share your videos to get feedback, direct answers to your questions, and you can participate in regular livestreams with me.

Content of the Course

50 Video Tutorials | 4:30 h+

Module #1 - Shooting Outside
  1. Intro
  2. My approach to outdoor videography
  3. How to expose your shots
  4. White Balance
  5. Positioning & Framing
  6. Effects of different focal lengths
  7. Camera movement
  8. How to focus
  9. Bokeh with cheap lenses
  10. How to use natural light
  11. In-camera transitions
  12. Outro

This module is 100% behind the scenes. I show everything that explain directly.

Module #2 - Shooting Inside
  1. Using Artificial light
  2. Window light
  3. Interior camera settings
  4. Sound proofing
  5. Microphones
  6. External monitors & recorders
Module #3 - Weekly Drills
  1. Drills introduction
  2. Exposure & DR drill
  3. Storytelling
    1. Storytelling single lens sub-drill
  4. Focal lengths
  5. Positioning & framing
  6. Learn from the big ones
  7. Shooting sequences
  8. Waking you up
  9. Boring place
  10. Creativity #1
  11. The small but beautiful things
  12. Creativity #2
  13. Foreground objects

The drills will be drip-needed weekly to ensure you only focus on one drill at the time instead of binge-watching them. More drills will be added in the future


Is this course suitable for beginners or do you need to have experience?

I made this course for beginners. So it’s perfect for you. If you already know a bit more about video shooting but you’re not satisfied with the results, this course can also help you to become even better.

What cameras do I recommend for this course?

Let’s be honest. Gear matters to a certain degree. I generally recommend any camera that has some sort of inbuilt image stabilization. That can be digital-stabilization as it is on the Canon M6 mark ii or EOS R but even better is sensor-stabilization as cameras like the Panasonic GH5, Fujifilm X-T4 or X-S10 have it.

Cameras that I can recommend:


  • ZV-1, RX100 v, RX100 vi, RX100 vii
  • a6500 & a6600
  • a7c, a7 iii, a7s ii, a7s iii, a7r ii, a7r iii, a7r iv, a9, a9 ii, a1


  • X-S10, X-T4, X-H1


  • G7x ii
  • M50, M6 mark ii
  • EOS RP, R, R6, R5


  • GX85
  • G85, G95
  • GH5, G9
  • S5, S1, S1H


  • OM-D E-M1 ii, OM-D E-M1 iii
  • OM-D E-M5 ii, OM-D E-M5 iii


  • Z5
  • Z6, Z6 ii
  • Z7, Z7 ii


  • Osmo Pocket, Pocket 2
How is the payment done?

The payment is handled by Gumroad. You will be redirected to their website where you can pay via credit card and PayPal. After that, you will get an email with access to the course. It’s a one-time payment. No future fees.

How does the guarantee work?

I’m 100% sure that you like the course and that it helps you become a better videographer. That’s why I give you a 14-day guarantee. So if you shouldn’t be satisfied, you can use the email you get from Gumroad to refund your order. No questions asked!

However, if there should be anything missing or you have any questions, you can always use the comment function inside the course and I will answer within 24-48 hours.

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